Homewear Haul

So this week I splashed the cash and splurged out on a whole load of homewear products.

First up is this amazing throw for my bed. It’s so soft and the most comfortable blanket I have ever lay on. My dog Mollie hasn’t left my bed since I bought it! It is from Home Bargains and is probably the best £10 (£9.99) I have ever spent!

The next product is new clock. I haven’t had a clock in my room since I were very young and decided it was time to get one back. I am due to get my room re-done and I am thinking of have a glittery theme, so this fits perfectly. This clock is also from Home Bargains.

Up next is a set of 3 candles from Home Bargains too. These heart shaped candles are so cute and look like they will last quite a while. I always love to have plenty of candles in my room to make sure it is very holy and cozy. Although these don’t have a specific sent, they still smell nice.

While on holiday i picked up this set of 7 super cute marble elephants. As soon as i saw them on the shelf i HAD to get them! I am still trying to find room to put them up in my room but i definitely will be putting them someone on show.

I also purchased a letter board for only £4.99. I have seen a few of these popping up in other peoples Instagram pictures (Go follow me on insta @livslittleblog) so have been really on the hunt for one. I have used it once and it is great! This is also from Home Bargains

Next up is some cacti i picked up while at Ikea. They are a perfect size and in such a cute colour pot. They come in a pack of 3, which are all different shapes. I have had some of these before and they lasted so long so i was very excited to pick up some more.

Another item i bought at ikea was this lamp. It is the same colour as the cacti meaning it will match perfectly. I think it is a really cool shape and not just your average stand lamp.  It only cost me around £10 too!

The final 3 things i bought from Home Bargains to go together. First up is a flat glass bowl. is is a perfect size to fit on my shelf and not too big that it will look out of place. I have put these acrylic diamonds in the blown along with the fairy lights i bought too. It looks so cute and makes the diamonds sparkle all over my room.


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