Sunshine Blogger Award

I’m very excited to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! As i’m new to blogging, i didn’t really know too much about this but after seeing it take over twitter and a quick google I’ve found out that it is to recognise bloggers and their hard work and creativity they put into their content.

A massive thank you to the wonderful Sadie from Logan and Me for nominating me. Please make sure you give her blog a follow and also on all her social media, including her Twitter where i was nominated.

Here are the rules to this award nomination;

  • Thank the blogger and link their blog in your post
  • Answer the 11 questions they asked
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions
  • List the rules and display the logo on the post

The 11 questions Sadie left are as follows:

1. Whats your favourite animal?

It would 100% have to be a dog. They are so smart and caring and have a whole mind of their own. They can make the best of friends and are always there for a cuddle.

2. Whats been your favourite holiday?

So far, my favourite holiday was 2 years ago when i visited my apartment in turkey with 3 of my best friends. We had so much fun and got up to all sorts. I would defiantly recommend going away with your friends!

3. Summer or winter person?

I’m defiantly a summer gal. I hate being cold! I don’t understand why anyone would go on skiing holidays or basically anywhere without the sun.

4. Fave song?

My favourite song at the moment is probably Meant To Be by Bebe Rexha feat. Florida George Line. It holds a close place to my heart as it is very relevant to my situation at the moment.

5. Favourite form of social media?

For my personal use it is Snapchat. I love Snapchat as you can see what everyone is up to and send pictures to your friends of anything you want. However for my blog, Twitter had to be the best. You can find so many amazing fellow bloggers and chat and share ideas and most of all get help when you need it.

6. What kind of phone do you have?

I have an Iphone 7. I kinda wish i got the 7+ but oh well.

7. Favourite editing apps?

The ones i use the most are Photoshop Express and VSCO. I also use Canva sometimes too.

8. What was your dream job as a child?

I always wanted to be a lollipop lady however this was only because i thought all they did was eat lollies. One i found out the truth i set my heart on being a bank manager because they were all rich!

9. What do you love about blogging?

The thing i love most about blogging is meeting all the other amazing bloggers and getting to read their content. It is amazing knowing there is such a tight knit community who are always willing to help.

10. What is happiness to you?

Happiness to me is the times where you can’t stop laughing when you’re with your favourite people. When you’re laughing so hard and you can barely breathe. It is such an amazing feeling as all your problems just disappear for them few seconds.

11. Describe your blog in 1 word

Downtime – I would use this word as it is where i go to just relax and take timeout from whats going on around me and i hope that’s what my followers do to.

Now I’ve answered the questions that i have been asked, it is time for me to nominate 11 more bloggers, i will leave all their links down bellow. Make sure you check out their blogs and social media too!












So, here are my questions for you all:

1. Do you see a long term future for your blog?

2. What is your favourite cuisine?

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

4. Cats or dogs?

5. Why did you start blogging?

6. What is your favourite sport?

7. Where was the last holiday you went on?

8. Where is your favourite place to chill out and relax?

9. Would you ever skydive?

10. Night in and chill or night out and party?

11. Do you believe in ghosts?

I’m very excited to read through all of your answers and hope you carry on the nominations train!





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